Free Community Drug Forum

Saturday, November 10, 2018 From 4-6 p.m. 177 Luna Lane, Hendersonville, TN

On Sataurday, November 10, 2018 from 4-6 p.m. the Luna Lane Church of Christ will be sponsoring a community-wide DRUG FORUM in order to discuss the real facts about drug abuse. The public is invited to attend this FREE COMMUNITY FORUM, but attendance will be limited to the first 150 people to register. In order to register, you can submit the registration blank found on this website or you can call 615-924-2946.

Nick Rapheal, preacher at the Luna Lane Church of Christ, said, "We decided to host this forum because we're concerned about how drug problems are affecting our city. We're asking the entire community to jjoin us in some truthful conversation as we seek to educate our citizens about the serious dangers of drug abuse. We hope you'll join us for this seminar."

It's Time To Have Meaningful Conversation About Drug Abuse.
It's Time To Have Meaningful Conversation About Drug Abuse.


  1. The first speaker, Anthony Tate, will be telling his personal story about the death of his college age son due to a drug overdose. His son was enjoying his first year of school on a major college campus. He was happy with his life when he began experimenting with the drugs that killed him and devasted the family he left behind.

  2. The Truth About Marijuana will be the first of three sessions to be presented by Tommie Sanders. This drug has long been considered a gateway drug to more dangerous drugs. During this session, Ms. Sanders will share a video from people who developed problems because of their marijuana use.

  3. The Truth About Synthetic Drugs will be the topic of the third session. Many believe synthetic drugs are safer because they are created in labs, but the truth is these drugs can be more dangerous for a variety of reasons which Mr. Sanders will discuss. You will also hear from people who have abused these drugs via a special video.

  4. The Truth About Opiods or Prescription Drugs will be an important session. People often think these drugs are safe because they have been prescribed by a doctor. But, when these drugs are improperly taken the results can be deadly. Ms. Sanders will also share video from people who have been caught up in the abuse of prescription drugs.

  5. The Truth About Suicide will be the final session. Michelle Bauer, who is involved with the Suicide Prevention Hotline, will explain how suicide is often linked to drug abuse.

FREE VIDEOS: During her presentations, Tommie Sanders will be sharing three videos that tell the "truth about drugs." In the videos, you will be hearing from people who have learned some valuable lessons.

Marijuana use is on the rise.
Marijuana use is on the rise.

Studies show there is an increase in the use of marijuana. This is partly because of new laws in some states that permit medical and recreational use.

GO TO OUR REGISTRATION PAGE TO RESERVE A SEAT or CALL 615-924-2946. Auditorium seating is limited to 150 people. In this session fills up, we'll try to add another forum. Early registration will be helpful to us in planning the event.